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Ok, I got it
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"Keep representin' Good Charlotte 'cause ya know we will be representin' you!"-Benji Madden
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Good Charlotte
Events ~Upcoming concerts in your area starring the boys of Good Charlotte
Warped Tour ~All about the Vans Warped Tour
Who is Good Charlotte? ~The history of Good Charlotte
Good Charlotte Facts ~Facts about Good Charlotte that can only be found here
Joel ~Joel's Bio
Benji ~Benji's Bio
Billy ~Billy's Bio
Interviews ~Interviews with Good Charlotte
Favorite Good Charlotte Songs ~Good Charlotte Music videos and Live performances while on tour
Funny Moving Pictures ~Funny moving pictures
My Pictures ~OMG it's Joel, Benji, Billy and Paul
Good Charlotte Lyrics ~Lyrics to all my fav GC songs
Benji Quotes ~Benji said what?
Joel Quotes ~Joel said what?
Billy Quotes ~Billy said what?
All Things Rock ~Quotes from Interviews and MTV
So Many Hairstyles ~A day in a life of the hairstyles of Good Charlotte
LOVE Billy ~Why we LOVE Billy
Level 27 ~Billy's clothing line
Comment Boards ~Leave me a message..a pic...a comment..or a hate mail :]
Contact Us ~Contact us! and send us some feedback!!
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Downtown Disney LA, Cali.
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Visit: bloodzilla.com
Site founded: December 23, 2007
NOTE: Everything on this website is complied from search engines and other GC sites.
I own nothing
Good Charlotte Then......
Good Charlotte Now...
L-R: Paul Thomas, Billy Martin, Benji Madden, Joel Madden
Top Contributors of the Site:
Matt's Music Page (thanks for advertising!!!)
imeem.com (what's on your playlist??? stores my music)
www.goodcharlotte.com (up to date info taken from here)
www.gcnaptown.com (forum)
www.getdownwithgc.com (pictures and news)
www.gcmoshpitt.com (anything...)
www.billymartinforever.msn.com (help w/billy's stuff)
www.mohawkradio.com (my friends spreading the name!!!)
www.wikipedia.com (the FREE encyclodpedia)
good charlotte's international affilates...germany, france, italy etc. (spreading the word.)

Thanks everyone!! =)
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